Are you putting confidential client data at risk?

Ensure Clients Get The Data Protection They Expect

Housing some of our most valuable secrets, law offices are increasingly becoming the target of cyberattacks. Protecting your client’s confidential information is not only something they deserve, it’s something they’ve come to expect. The decision to do business with you over another firm could come down to how well you are protecting your sensitive client data.

Keeping legal data secure comes down to having a system that regularly assesses, monitors, and helps you reduce the risk of potential cyberattacks. Our comprehensive IT security risk assessment tool for law offices helps you do that with the following features:

tool for legal firm risk assessments

Firm-Wide Security Risk Management

Seamlessly manage and monitor risk assessments across one or multiple offices.


Existing Control and Activity Monitoring

Leave no stone unturned. BALLAST delivers real-time feedback on which aspects of your information security risk management program need to be improved.


Better Collaboration

Easily reach out to participants assigned to certain risk mediation tasks, and quickly view the status of those tasks. In addition, create easy-to-read reports with one click.


Industry Specific Assessment Criteria

The BALLAST risk assessment software can be populated with legal industry best practice assessment criteria, or you can customize your own.