Assess & Reduce the Risk of Losing Your Data & Dollars

Provide the Security Your Customers Need

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions manage millions of pieces of secure financial and personal data each day. Regulating bodies such as the OCC and FFEIC monitor and require that all compliance guidelines are being met at all times. Regulators and examiners will want to see your risk assessment when they come calling.

Banking compliance cyber risk has become one of the most significant ongoing concerns for financial-institution executives, and for good reason. Among the thousands of phishing, malware, and penetration attacks that financial services firms face each year, a recent study estimated each firm faced an average of 85 serious attempted cyber breaches. Of these, about one third were successful—meaning at least some information was obtained through the breach.

Ensure security in the increasingly digital financial world by having a system that integrates the technical aspects of cybersecurity with the broader concerns of operational risk.

The BALLAST IT risk assessment tool allows you to do exactly that with features that include:

tool for banking risk assessments

Firm-Wide Risk Management

Seamlessly manage and monitor risk assessments across all your offices or branches.


Existing Control and Activity Monitoring

Leave no stone unturned. BALLAST delivers real-time feedback on which aspects of your information security risk management program need to be improved.


Better Collaboration and Accountability

Reach out to team members assigned to certain risk mediation tasks and easily view the status of those tasks. In addition, create easy-to-read reports with one click.


Banking Specific Assessment Criteria

The BALLAST risk assessment software can be populated with financial industry best practice assessment criteria, or you can customize your own.