Still Managing Risk Assessments on Spreadsheets?

Introducing The New Way to Manage Risk Assessments

Whether you’re performing risk assessments to meet a compliance mandate, satisfying a contractual obligation, or are proactively keeping your data secure and safe, you should consider ditching the spreadsheet and opting for an intuitive risk assessment platform.

Why BALLAST is Better to Manage Risk Assessments


Time for Collaboration

Spreadsheets only allow for one user to edit, leading to multiple versions.

BALLAST allows for multiple users to track their remediation efforts simultaneously.

Keep Your Vulnerabilities Private

Spreadsheets are oftentimes not secure, and if passed around a non-secure email system, hackers can easily intercept.

BALLAST was designed by information security experts with security in mind.  The application is hosted in a FedRAMP security certified environment and includes advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication for access.

Create Seamless Communications

Spreadsheets make task management nearly impossible, slowing the remediation process.

BALLAST allows for seamless communications and tracking of all remediation efforts, leading to secure environments.

Enjoy An Interactive Environment

Spreadsheets do not allow for the attachment of documents, artifacts and other support materials.

BALLAST is designed to be an interactive environment, housing all evidence of remediation efforts.

Generate Reports Quickly

Spreadsheets make it tough to assign remediation tasks to your team or track when a task was completed.

BALLAST allows for a clear view of historical data that can show a track record of improvement and/or data security trends.