Risk Assessments... At Your Finger Tips

Efficient and Easy Assessments for One or Hundreds of Locations

Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Reporting can be configured to support very simple single entity dashboards or more robust views for organizations with multiple or many operating units.

At the individual facility or operating unit level, specific, detailed metrics of interest are provided.

On the macro level, businesses can view the risk levels by location and even show business units how they stack up against their peers with the broader organization.

An overall threat level risk score is given to the facility, along with detailed risk rankings.

Automated Remediation Tracking

The critical element of remediation tracking at the facility level allows users to see the scope of the assessment and progress of all remediation activity.

Remediation items can be prioritized, and responsibility can be delegated and tracked.

Deadlines, as well as detailed work steps and instructions, can also be entered by task.

One-Click Compliance Reporting

One-click compliance reporting provides a fully-formulated, up-to-date risk assessment report in seconds.