Identify and Assess Risk of Intellectual Property Theft

Take Charge of What You Can Control

The numbers are staggering. The manufacturing industry is the second most hacked sector, trailing only healthcare. At least half of all intellectual property theft involves a company’s internal database servers and file servers, and the cloud is a new playground for malicious hackers. More than a quarter of cybercriminals are intellectual property spies.

The key to keeping intellectual property secure in the digital world is monitoring and taking charge of what you can control. The BALLAST manufacturing risk assessment tool allows you to do exactly that with features that include:


Enterprise-Wide Security Risk Management

Seamlessly manage and monitor risk assessments across hundreds of facilities, branches, or locations.

tool for manufacturing risk assessments

Existing Control and Activity Monitoring

Leave no stone unturned. BALLAST delivers real-time feedback on which aspects of your information security risk management program need to be improved.


Better Collaboration

Easily reach out to participants assigned to certain risk mediation tasks, and easily view the status of those tasks. In addition, create easy-to-read reports with one click.


Assessment Criteria Specific to Manufacturers

The BALLAST risk assessment software can be populated with manufacturing industry best practice assessment criteria, or you can customize your own.